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New Beat Preview Dropping Tomorrow!

Yo this is your boi Stretchmane dropping a message to look out for the new beat preview dropping tomorrow. Due to technical difficulties I could not drop the video today but it’s all good! I want all my ladies out there to peep it and tell me if you feeling the vibe!

The beat is named Lay Down and I know the video will envoke some kind of emotion. Let’s just say I may have Turned Up too much…lol!!!


Felly, Kalle & D.I.M.E. – Pardon Me by BLMEmusic on SoundCloud

Check out the new release from BLMEmusic…Listen, Vibe, and Support!

#stretchmane #blmemusic

Grinding For Our Passion So We Breathe Music!

Grinding like this ain’t easy but when your passion is this strong for something you love you have no choice to fight for. We are music! We are the tune!!! So it’s only right we give it to ya! #stretchmane #blmemusic #music #beats

On That Fire – BLME Music

Another bangin FREEStyle from the BLME Camp!!! Check it out and drop a comment! Share and favorite fam!!!


Music Promotion Tip For Rap Artist

Music Promotion Tip For Rap Artist

Is it enough to make a song or even a mixtape and upload on the internet?

Of course not…

You have to get the word out about your music and build a buzz.

Southern Rap artist in general has mastered the art of building a buzz
about themselves and there music…

…all without major record labels.

Yes there efforts overall doesn’t currently compare to the power house financial backing of major record labels but rap artist have successfully created…

…all on their own strenght.

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Download 10 FREE BEATS NOW!

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